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At My Justice Career, we evaluate applicants' current qualifications to see if they are eligible for jobs in our database and then match them with great jobs.

We understand that some applicants may not be qualified for their desired career. We believe education is important and that it is never too late to start. We’ll provide the necessary tools needed to match these applicants with educational programs in their area.

Our Top Careers: time for your new start

  • Court Reporting
  • Police
  • Homeland Security
Court Reporting
Court reporting offers interesting work for people with strong communication skills. Court reporters play a vital role in the justice system and have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of legal proceedings.
Law Enforcement/Police
Law enforcement careers are both challenging and rewarding. Law enforcement officers, also called policemen, prevent and respond to crimes. They often maintain regular patrols or specialize in particular areas.
Homeland Security
Homeland security careers are an important part of the federal government, and seek to prevent terrorist attacks. They also work to mitigate damages from natural disasters and enjoy challenging work.

From the Blog:

When you think of careers in the legal field, what comes to mind?

Do you think only of lawyers, judges, and other high-profile careers? If you’re interested in a legal career but unsure of the time or education commitment, many options are available, with varying educational requirements. You can choose a rewarding legal or justice career based on your own interests and level of education. Read More »

Make an impact in someone's life everyday!


There is nothing more rewarding than helping people out in significant ways. A career in justice allows you to protect the country you love while making lasting impressions on your fellow citizens' lives.

Now don't go thinking that these careers are all glory, it is quite the contrary in fact. Professionals in the field of justice often work in some of the most hazardous locations and deal with some of the most hostile people in the country. Their duty is to protect, which is not always glamorous. Read More »